Site displaying images out of shape and size and way too big?

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I made a big mistake earlier i deleted the root so wrote a folder back called htdocs and dropped the site in it now all i get is badly formatted images.

Here is a picture of it in the builder what it’s supposed to look like

Here’s what it looks like on NicePage’s domain it works properly no issue

And here’s what it is looking like now on infinity when opening in a browser

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I am new to this other than dropping sites in I’m stuck with a broken site well broken ftp folder it looks like or something is being morphed out of shape and sizing for a reason I cannot understand?

This is what I see:

Try clearing your cache:


Thanks buddy i know i just don’t get that with this mac os big sur it clears cache then shows the old pages? I clear it sometimes it appears just fine but not with these domains but yeah you said it mate it works unless it might work now no cache clearing it may have been a delay glitch when i’d tried

curiosity what os and browser is that on please I use brave on mac os tried in chrome same result as well firefox works better. But I want chrome to use it properly as always has. until recently?

Resolved it cleared cache and history closed re-opened and it’s up again now thanks so much mate :slight_smile: big smile


I am on Windows using Brave, but the browser does not matter. Glad you got it working!


Found a typo re-uploading again but yeah will clear cache and history and try straight after see if it’s instant almost should be. but many thanks it’s solved a major headache for me.

I’m going to be adding infinity onto the friends list after being helped by the staff and forum users like your self i find it reliable and maybe the only decent free host for this job that doesn’t nail people to the wall after their sites running trying to badger them or force them onto pro etc they are great, I’ve told them keep me going and the ad will stay for life the same as the time the site remains live the ad will to. Least i can do, it will be site aesthetic themed will get on it in a bit or in the morning afternoon tomorrow should be rad artwork.


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