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I hope all is well.

Please can somebody shine a light on this for me?

Two webistes, on the same account, usingf the same version of Joomla, but they are displaying very differently?? is perfect

The one created yesterday, well it just won’t display correctly no matter what I do?


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If I recall correctly, there is a dual site option in Joomla (much like there is in WordPress), so you’d need to switch that on and add the … site. I don’t think parking … onto … through cPanel would work because of how Joomla is set up, but you’re welcome to try.

Check out this answer on the StackExchange for Joomla:



I guess jQuery is missing in that JS file
and the size is different



Cheers for the reply, I have two installations and have just used an odd on domain it works fine I have done it many times… I feel the problem is with Joomla it is telling me that my version is old and I should use version 4, but I just want to whack a site up quickly… If the other one don’t sort it out I will just add it to the existing site I reckon…

Cracking stuff, cheers, it is just a shame that I donlt understand any of it lol… I just used the softaculous app in the same way on both installations and have no idea what that file does at all… Hopefully it sorts itself out…

Looking at the styling of the page, it looks like a lot of CSS code is missing from the 2023 site.

Looking at the HTML content of the pages, I see the 2022 site uses this CSS file, which is quite big (as you’d expect from a CSS file for a full page):

But if you look at the 2023 version, you see a different CSS file that’s a lot smaller:

The 2023 file also has some error messages in it.

So looking at the file name and contents, I think that something went wrong in JCH Optimize for the 2023 site, resulting in the corrupted file. I’m not familiar with that plugin, but I would expect there is some “purge cache” option or a button to generate the files. Using that option may generate the correct CSS and fix the design of the 2023 site.


Hi Admin,l thanks for the reply… I will have a ganders at it, and change the options, ahnd see what happens// Thanks again…

You are am absolute genius… The plugin was the problem, all I had to do was disable the combine css and html option, and just like that it was fixed… I had used that module before but haven’t made a site for around a year and it has changed a bit… Problem solved…

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