Site deactivated due to Covid-19

Dear Epizy

due to Covid-19 our school was closed and the site( ) i used here was no longer shown internaly. Therefor my site has been deactivated. I was unable to read your email about deactivation as I was not present in our school and thus unable to read my work email. Is there any possibility that the site can be restored/reactivated or is there any backup availableso I can migrate to another account?

Kind regards

Hello there,

If you’ve failed to reactivate your account within 60 days then unfortunately your account is permanently deleted and all of its data is wiped out completely from the server and this action is irreversible.

Unfortunately InfinityFree does not automatically backup your site for you, it is absolutely your sole responsibility to take backup of your sites. Before you created an account here you have to agree to the terms of service (ToS) in order for you to create an account and the terms stated clearly in Section 9 ( BACKUPS / REQUESTING DATA BACKUP) that:

It is the client / account holders responsibility to maintain and keep backups of website and MySQL data. We do not provide data restores from our archives / restoring a website or database to an earlier version. We also do not provide free backups / archives of customers own current data.


Hello UnkownLolz,

I understand that there are no backups, I just hoped there might be.
But I never received a warning with a 60days period which would have give me plenty of time, but on May 11th I received a mail that my account would be removed 2 days later if I did not click on the reactivation link. 2 days was way to short notice for me. If it realy is 60 days my aacount should not already be removed and still be available.

kind regards

In this case, your account was deleted for inactivity. For most suspensions/deactivations, we suspend the account first for 60 days and delete it afterwards. With inactivity, the account is only suspended for a few days before it is deleted. However, only if an account doesn’t get any traffic for 60 days it is eligible for inactivity deletion.

I agree that this is a quite short window for accounts to be deleted. But you have to remember that the majority of accounts which are deleted for inactivity were set up once, and abandoned and forgotten afterwards. We don’t really want to waste server space on clean WordPress installations which someone installed as a test and then left.

The hosting platform does actually send out early warnings about inactivity, however this particular mailer has issues with spam filters and the like, which is why you may have missed this message. But I also see in our mail logs that your mail server has had some issues as well, which may not have helped in that regard.


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