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site can’t provide secure connection

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i have installed SSl thing and issued and uploaded it 2 weeks ago everything was working fine but it’s now giving secure connection for too many users not everyone why tho? and use ITS HTTPS

No issue


This may be the source of your problem



yes no issue for you it works sometimes for me and sometimes not lets say it doesn’t work as HTTPS rn for me, after 1 hour it works… this is how its going for everyone as it says site can’t provide a secure connection i dont think an err on my side

The fact that our nameservers return two IPs for your domain is definitely not right. Your website will only be active on one of the two IPs, and the other one will not work. So most likely your website won’t work half of the time.

To fix this, the easiest way is to remove the domain from your account and add it again. That should erase the current DNS records from our servers and create new and correct records only.

Note that this may change the directory of your domain from htdocs to, so you may need to move your files to the other directory for your website to come back up again.


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