Site Cannot Be Reached

Website URL:
Hello Everyone, It’s been a week since my website is not opening from both client or admin side. By running Network Diagnostics, It gives this error.
Clearing Cache is not helping.
How to solve it and prevent it from future. Thank you.

No issue

Issue is on your end


But I tried with other devices and getting the same response as site cannot be reached.
Thank you.

Tried other networks or vpn?


Having same network, Google is giving me site cannot be reached. Then I tried Microsoft Edge and it opens without any issue.

It says YOUR DNS server might be unavailable. It’s not referring to the DNS server of your website, but the DNS server you use to access the internet.

If your DNS resolver is not working correctly, you will likely experience issues accessing many websites, not just your own.

You can fix that on your own computer by switching to a better DNS resolver. Good options include Cloudflare’s, Google Public DNS, OpenDNS and Quad9.


Thanks Alot

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