site builder

After my site was published, my site buildre account disappeared and I do not find it to be modified on the site
Please help me because I want to add a few things to my site

plaise help-me

You can just add the site builder again with the same domain name. The site builder links websites to a domain name, the client area doesn’t store the websites built with the builder.

Dear Sir
Please help me solve the problem of the disappearance of Site Builder after posting my site
When I try to record a new Site Boyder in the same domain, the message appears

The domain is not added to your account, please ensure the domain is configured through the control pane

my site is working but i need to add a few things to my site
thank you for your attention.

please help

That’s a bug with the new domain validation rules. If you need to make changes very urgently, you can disable Cloudflare which should allow you to add the domain name.