Site at down and MonstaFTP client not working


My website at is down - ie it does not respond when trying to connect to it using the browser. I believe I am using nameservers and ns2

Interestingly enough, using MonstaFTP web client (the ‘file manager’ option under infinityfree client page) does not connect when using the normal username / password combination as is usually working.

I would be very grateful should you be able to help me as otherwise I will have lost access to all my work.

File Manager is currently down without any reason, but some sites seem to experience ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT and 522.

The IP your website is in is DDoSed by someone who loves taking down web servers. So I suggest to wait until it’s fixed, or move the website on another account here on InfinityFree, where the IP is different.

About the File Manager, FTP is down for it, and for it I suggest only to wait until iFastNet fixes this.

it’s bugged. i think due the DDoS?

Thanks for the replies guys, really appreciate it. I’ll have a look at it to see if I can move it accross to a new infinityfree account.

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@Admin, is there any way you could email me a .zip link to my .htdocs folder or something as I can’t seem to get access to them via FTP. Thanks!

My email is [email protected]


If the FTP server is down, we’d rather try to fix the hosting service than spend out time generating downloads for individual people. Solutions which benefit many people are better than solutions which fit one person.

Also, I personally don’t have other ways to access your website files than you do. So if your website is down and your FTP is down, then I don’t have any way to access your files either. The only people who could still access your files are server admins, and their time is better spent on fixing the real issue.

So that’s why I can’t provide download links in case the hosting systems are down.

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