Single Page of Website Returning 404 Code

404 Not Found

Every Page of the site works other than the accommodations page. I can link to every single page and it works, but every link to this page fails.

Is it possible this page does not exist, or has a slightly different file name which may be causing this?
Can you share a screenshot of your htdocs folder which contains the files for your website?


It exists and was there. I verified it worked when opening from the local files as well. I ended up deleting every html file, renaming the file to a different name and then changing every reference to it in every file and re-uploaded and that fixed it, so not sure what it was.

can you post a screenshot of your htdocs directory contents



The accomodations.html file seems to have disappeared now, but your home page and all links on it seem to be working now. I take it this means the issue was resolved?


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