Shows upload but file doesn't

404 Not Found

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What are you trying to upload and what size?


It is an html page & it’s 995 KB. Never had a problem in the past.

Share the URL, and screenshot of the file in the file manager.


I deleted the contents of the html page & it uploaded the blank page. But when I add the contents (it’s data copied from an excel file) for some reason, it causes an error? The only thing I changed on the excel page was I inserted comments in several cells? Ok, ran a test. I took the comments out of a couple of the excel files & it uploads fine. Why would it show an error & NOT upload the file just because the spreadsheet (that I copied & pasted into the page) has inserted comments?

Update. I think the excel file data was just too large. I copied & pasted a “portion” of the data into the html file & it uploaded fine. Strange.

There is a 1 MB file size limit on HTML files on our hosting. I suspect that due to rounding errors, your 995 kB file just tipped over that limit.


Ok, thank you very much for getting back to me.

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