is already assigned and in use.2

Hello everyone. I have seen this question “already assigned and in use.2” in this forum. But my case is little different. I registered free domain at freenom with .ml TLD. The i changed the nameservers pointing to and But i getting the error " is already assigned and in use.2".

Detailed Explanation:
I have 2 out of 3 accounts. The issue is with first account i have created. First i created the first account with the subdomain of epizy. The i created an addon domian on the first account. Later i deleted the subdomain and the addon domain. Then i registered for new domain name from freenom and when i try to addon domain i am getting this error.

Note: The addon main i added second is completely different from first addon domain name.

Then when enter in the browser i am getting web page of infinity free. I have checked my second account also there no addon domain with

What is am thinking is that my domain is already added in the first account but it is not visible.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Please check in the other account if the domain is added under ‘Addon Domains’.

If it is, please click on ‘Delete’ to remove that domain from the system.

Hi Magnus,

I checked already it is not there in the another account.

Since you are using a free domain, it may be possible that someone else had the domain before you.
This could result in them having used InfinityFree with the domain and it could be still floating around on some account.

You could also try adding it again on the first account to see what happens.

I cannot add the domain name.

The domain was stuck someone else in the platform. It has been removed now, so you should be able to assign it to an account.


Thanks for the reply.

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