ServerSign on a theme not working

I’ve recently installed a new theme on my WP Website. It’s called Skycraft. The Server Sign at the top of the page isn’t working and is always showing offline, even on a server like CubeCraft, that is 24/7. I’ve tried the creators test server which is also 24/7 but isn’t working.
enable query is on and I’m using the correct port/IP .etc.

I’ve been in touch with the maker of the template, they told me to update my PHP to 7.4, which I did. I then updated to the latest version of their template, still doesn’t work. I’ve also tried several installations, doesn’t work.

The weird thing is that another plugin from WordPress works perfectly with it, but not with the SRV IP Record, only with the numeric IP and port (e.g

Has anyone got any ideas? At this point, I’m really confused!


P.S I’d appreciate a quick response, I’m trying to get my website rolled out as quick as possible!

So the connection does work from a plugin but not from a theme? That’s odd, I wonder what they do differently.

I was quite sure the firewall on our server would mean you couldn’t access the game server anyways. So is it possible the other plugin isn’t actually able to connect?

In any case, without knowing what the plugin does it’s hard to say.


The plugin shows the status of my Minecraft Server. So should the theme “plugin” except it doesn’t.
The plugin definitely connects. When my server is online, it shows it’s online but when it’s offline, it shows it’s offline.

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