Server Slow

Why is your host very slow?
Even getting to give error
502 Bad Gateway nginx

Someone tell me what is happening? Or is there simply a bad connection with the database these days that I don’t know about?

If you have performance problems these days, say so in a statement or something in the forum.

If not, the developers think it’s their fault when it really is the host’s problem.

Could you provide your website URL?

It works when you want the infinity server

Given this is free hosting, the page loading time is quite acceptable.
Upgrade to premium hosting if you want anything faster.
If you want free, optimise your website.


Fast enough for a free hosting that gives you a “502 Bad Gateway nginx” or even connection database problems?

How do I respond to your argument? Can you explain it to me in detail?

KangJL answer please.

What I have to get to read and hear.

Point number 1. The problem goes to an admin, not an enthusiastic user who looks at the speed of the page.

If we lived with enthusiastic people, I think heaven would pay for itself

I don’t get any errors on your site. Please clear your cache. Also, you may be suspended for impersonating another company.

I think I’m going to delete the post on forum. Too many 20-year-olds.

I understand that you have just finished university and do not know that it is a test model. No problem. Stop messing up the post.

For enthusiastic people, I don’t have time for you.

This goes for admins. Please, put a statement if the server that you use to the databases as in the host suffer any problem. Would be appreciated.

By the way, some admin can delete this post.
I don’t have the time to read to too many people with “too much free time.”

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand what you are trying to get at here. Your asking on a community forum help, yet you are disrespecting us. There is only one Admin here, and he has a life outside of this forum.

If you don’t want our help, don’t post it on a forum that everyone can look at.

  1. The server is not slow. They have new technology, and fast SSD drives. My website loads in less than a second. The issue is your website, and the amount of power it takes to load, which is normal for a WordPress website.

  2. Your website is not giving an error. If you are still getting it, perhaps read the above reply’s.

  3. If you are going to be rude, you will be removed. Please read the Community Guidelines, and the TOS (Witch you are legally bound to).


You are right about one thing. I was partly to blame for posting to the community forum, thinking that an admin would read it.
“yet you are disrespecting us”
I would give you some classes on respect, but I would not get to anything.

“Please read the Community Guidelines”

Do you think I’m being unpleasant? I would explain it to you and I would come to nothing.

Just imagining won’t help. If you cannot implement any of the fixes, how can we help? We cannot come to your house fix it, right? This is just a community based forum. None of us are hired for dedicated support etc. It’s our personal interest, to help out people like you here. When you cannot even appreciate that, there is nothing we can do. And as for the classes for “respect”, I bet you need to have one, as, you do not know communicate well on a forum. Just Google the meaning for more info.


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