Server Response time and accessibility issue

Hello everyone, I have a project, but I got bored with the slowness of this site, I did everything I could, I optimized my site, I deleted the unnecessary codes, as a result, I got 100 points from seo and 100 points in performance, but the accessibility score is low and my server response time is 1600 ms, sometimes it takes 5 6 seconds when I enter and it causes my visitors to leave my site. How can I reduce my server response time?

I’m not sure what “accessibility” means here. When I see that, I usually think of people with visual impairments who need to rely on screen readers to navigate web pages. So either that metric is not performance related at all, or it means something else than what I think of it.

Also, 1600ms is fairly normal for a WordPress site. WordPress is really powerful but not very fast as a result, no matter how many caching and optimization stuff you add to it.

I took a quick look at your site and I see you have multiple caching plugins installed. Multiple caching plugins just tends to slow things down. Please pick one good one and use only that one. W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache are good options. Don’t use LiteSpeed Cache unless your host also uses LiteSpeed Server, which we don’t have.


Okey thank you so much

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