Server Outage

As you know right now, some of the free accounts are affected by the server outage, leading to a 404 page or sometimes just a blank page. So if I upgrade my account to a paid subscription. Will my account be transferred into a paid server and will my website be working again?


I am not aware of such an outage. There is an outage affecting some IPs, but those websites are complete down, and not returning anything at the moment.

And if a 404 error is returned, that means the server is working, so you couldn’t call it a “server outage”.


Your website will be transferred, but there’s no guarantee that it will be back up, because the outage experienced earlier was an [emergency] hardware problem. However, in the future, your website would probably be more reliable on Premium than on Free Hosting.


alr fam, thanks for the infos

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wait, what is the process of buying a paid hosting from iFastNet?

Log in to vPanel, then in the side navigation, click the button highlighted below:
Follow the onscreen instructions, and then once your transaction is completed, your domain should be on premium hosting.

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sooo after transaction, my website will be transferred to a premium server and will be working again?

It should be. I have never upgraded to premium to find out, though.

also another thing, if I purchase a premium server from iFastNet, do I have to change the nameserver? sorry 4 asking too many questions, im a noob

I don’t think you have to change the nameservers, but you can ask that question to iFastNet support.

Hey there!

You can just use the orange “Upgrade” button in the client area as well (The process it a bit easier that way).

After you upgrade, you will technically have two accounts, a free one and a paid one. You can move your files, database, and domain over manually (No nameserver change), or you can ask to do it all for you.


alr thx

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