Server having problems serving my website!

My website at AddonDomain is not being served. I keep getting a 404 error when attempting to visit any page on the website.

I do not know if this is part of the DDos you were experiencing yesterday. But, my site has been down for hours now.

Your website is working fine now.

I just tried and not it is not. If I goto the index.html page I get a IIS7 page, which is not mine. And if I tried to goto the forums main page I still get the Error 404.

Now it is back to the error 404 for all pages.

okay, this is what I an getting at the moment:

URL: Results: IIS7 page website main page (copy of index.html) Error 404 Error 404

All links in index.html Error 404
(these links are for internal pages/files)

@the_wabbit1 Well, the IIS7 page definitely isn’t ours either. We don’t use Windows servers with IIS, we only use Linux with a combination of Nginx and Apache.

Also, is showing me an IP.Boards index page. And given it’s an outdated version, I would like to remind you that using our hosting for cracked software is not allowed.

It sounds like the domain name is not pointing to the right IP address for you. Is it a new domain for which the DNS may not have fully propagated yet? Or have you been playing with your hosts file before?