Server error on uploading pictures?

Hello Infinity. First of all, thanks for giving us with such a fine free web hosting :slight_smile:

Now my question


Error Message


Other Information

Everything works fine, I just can’t upload pictures in Telegram Comments section…I wonder what could be the reason?


What is the file size?


All sizes

I tried uploading pictures from 100kb to 4mb but error remains the same :thinking:

Since you did not provide sufficient info, I believe certain reserved words were triggered, blocking upload

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Ummm…not sure I understand…what info?

Pictures won’t upload in telegram comment section and that’s it. Feel free to try it yourself on my site :grin:

I asked my friend to try the same plugin on another host and error is the same…it seems that ‘WP Telegram Comments’ has issues on their side…

Thanks KangJL for engaging with my thread, cheers


We don’t know what the server error is. It could be anything! Since it is not hard-coded (I don’t think, otherwise you should be able to find out more info easily), you will have to find out how to either enable debug mode or some other method of extracting extra error info.

Like I said, the error could be anything. That is like bringing a car into the mechanic and says “it doesn’t work”. They could disassemble the entire car and not figure out what doesn’t work unless they try it out themselves to get an idea of what is broken. Unlike them, however, we cannot just take your website and look at every single line of code or file (ignoring the time it would take, it also would mean we have access to the entire website, which I am sure you would not like).

Additionally, he means that sometimes certain keywords might be filtered. While I admit this might not be the best of means, considering dynamic files or even base64 ciphers might have something that could trigger the filter (oh my gosh how many times would a URL get blocked because it has a base64 strand containing a filtered word in my school! It is so annoying!!!), it works enough for them to keep using it and for the majority of the users to not have a problem with it.


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