Server could not be reached (site is down?)

I cant reach my website, it says “we can’t connect to the server at”

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Server not found page

I’m using this software:

Im using as FTP client and firefox as a browser

Additional information:
I created the site, registered an iFast domain, setup everything the best I could, including ssl certificates, added those lines to .htaccess so everyone reaching the site would get through a secure connection, updated the index page a few times and everything seemed to be fine until today. Yesterday everything worked. I just noticed this today while my phone browser accidentally tried to connect to the last site it had displayed and got the server not found error.
I didnt get any email or anything like that and I dont think I did anything wrong, both infinity free and ifastnet accounts show as active and no notifications appear. Can you help me?

Are you using iFastNet or InfinityFree as your hosting provider?
If it is from iFastNet, you will need to ask them for assistance.

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