Server is also down?

I’d just like to know if server is down for maintenance too. My site is not online and I cannot access it via FTP either.

Can you give more details about the problem? Either Screenshot & Website url?

As far as I know, only and are down for maintenance.

Hello there,

It is likely though so try checking back within a few hours if it’s working again then that was probably just a temporary issue as well.
Only Admin can confirm that server is also down.


The server is the FTP server. It is now down itself, but it can’t load the files from some accounts.

If you’re looking for your website on that IP, you definitely won’t be able to load it, because there is no website on the FTP server.

So, like the topic template says: can you please provide your website URL or account username? Please don’t assume that some other piece of data is enough, because it isn’t.


Thanks for your responses, since a few minutes the server has been online again. It seemed strange to me that they were already 4 days offline, so that was my question. But it is already solved. Thank you.

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