Sending verification email without captcha

I’m using the free version and I understand that they disabled mail() sendmail for abuse. However, I plan to use the email only to send verification links to users. I tried the github contact form template. It works but if I were to modify it for backend use, a captcha for every button click would not make it good. Any work around this one?

First find the button contact segment in coding…
Then use recaptcha code using
Use onloadCallback as event handler for the button which needs to check captcha !

You can get in google search easily!

If you are using wordpress use plugins which are available!


If you want to send verification emails, you should probably just integrate PHPMailer, Swiftmailer or another mail library/provider in your code. Our contact form uses PHPMailer, and you can look at the code to see how you can use PHPMailer yourself.

But if you’re building your own login system, you probably know enough about programming to use PHPMailer directly. Our contact form is just that: a ready to go contact form.


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