Send SMTP Mail Message activity not working

When I try to send an email, I get a pop up saying, Cannot send mail, connection to the outgoing server failed. Please help to restore the connection? Thanks.

Welcome, free hosting does not come with SMTP.
Upgrade to premium hosting if you need SMTP.

Sure, we can try to help. But this is an error message from your code which is having trouble connecting to your email provider, so it may be completely unrelated to our hosting.

Can you please tells us about the site and the application?

Some details that would be useful to know:

  • A website URL where we can see the error for ourselves.
  • Which software you are using to send the email.
  • Which email provider you are using to send the email.
  • Which configuration you are using for the email provider (especially SMTP host, port and security).
  • Any code samples, if applicable.

you can try this
Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>your email account>account name, tap on SMTP (under the ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ heading) - tap on your Primary Server and enter your username password - even of It says that it is optional - enter the information anyway.

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