Send me on an other website

Hi, I have a problem, when I go to my website :, it sends me on an other website : I wish you could help me !

Thank you for all, Good660

in my place it’s work - but please be patient

and also edit .htaccess file inside of your htdocs
see here

Ok thank you for your answer ! Have a nice day !

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okay let me help you

First it would be ideal to naming all files toLowerCase
means instead of Acceuil.html > acceuil.html

because unix based systems are case-sensitive
(big or small letter is not treated as the same file)

put this in your .htaccess file inside of htdocs folder
if you want the homepage to be acceuil.html
pay attention that I have named this by a small initial letter
so you must also rename existing Acceutil.html to lowercase and all links in menu (URL)

# start here
DirectoryIndex acceuil.html

So when someone comes to

server will show acceuil.html

np and yw :slight_smile: