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Hi! I created another site on my account. I have some questions please:

  1. Can I transfer all my first site to the new one? And how? as I can’t change the url I want to transfer it to another site with a different name (can’t publish the url on facebook because has “bomb” on the name… :disappointed: but it is about a music creation workshop to make creativity explode…
  2. Is the same account and I’ve installed Wordpress for making the first site, so I suppose I don’t have to install it again to work with it on the second, right?
  3. Do I have to create a new ssl certificate for the second site?
    and finally: 4) when I click on my second site it takes me to a 403 forbidden error page. Is that normal? I don’t remember if that happened when I made the first site. But I guess not cause I can’t find how to access the editor or something. Help again please! Sorry for making so many questions!

my first site:
the second: (http or https??)://

You can migrate the site from one domain to another!

The first part is always the same: moving the files from the old site to the new one. There are a few different ways to do it, but the most straight forward way is this:

  1. Go into the file manager.
  2. Delete the htdocs folder of your new site (probably in the folder).
  3. Find the htdocs folder of your old site (which is the htdocs folder in the base directory, in your case), right-click it, and choose Cut.
  4. Go into the directory of your new domain (again, that would be for you), right click anywhere and choose Paste.

Sometimes, this is all you need to do, but it depends on your website. If you’re using WordPress, you will have to change the website URL. WordPress has documentation about how to do that here: Changing The Site URL – Documentation –

After this, you will also have to decide what to do with your old domain. You can delete it completely, or you can create a new htdocs folder in the base directory of your account, and setup a redirect to forward everyone to the new domain. You can use the Redirects tool in the client area to set that up.

Correct, you can just migrate the existing site, and not create a new site.

Yes. SSL certificate are only valid for the domain name they were created for. If you want to use a different domain, you’ll need a new SSL certificate.

Yes, that’s normal. That happens because your new domain doesn’t have any website files yet. As soon as you’ve moved in your website, you’ll see your actual website.


Thanks a lot!!

Hi again. I want to backup my site before making the transfer. I’ve read the post " How to backup your website" but I’m stucked in the settings for filezilla. I also read the recommended link for open an FTP connection to my account (“how to upload files with ftp”) but that would’nt be for downloading the site, right?, so I guess the settings would be different and I don´t know what to write on “hostname” on Filezilla. Should I copy the FTP hostname or the MySQL hostname from my account details?

And it is ok if I downloaded Filezilla client or I should download the Filezilla server file for downloading instead?



If you are trying to setup an FTP connection, and you need a hostname, then you’ll need to use the FTP hostname. The MySQL hostname is for MySQL connections.

You need the client. We run the FTP server on our end so you can upload and download files to and from our servers. If you want another device to upload things to your computer (or a home server, NAS or whatever), you can use FileZilla Server. But the device where you want to manage the files from should use the client.


Ok, thanks for your answers!

Sorry, one more thing, the ftp hostname should be or

Both can work.


for downloading?

and uploading as well


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