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So i recently tried to switch from domain. What i tried was:

  1. add a second domain
  2. when that works, delete the first one

But my second domain doesnt work. I have copied all my files from /htdocs to / But on the first domain it does work, while on the second it doesnt.

Anyone know what i did wrong? (and yes, i have waited more than 72 hours, but it still doesnt work)

I checked your account. You’re correct on what you should do, but that’s not actually what you did.

You copied the files not to /, but to / Because our servers (like most web hosting servers) run Linux, it means file and directory names are case sensitive. That means folders called and are actually different.

Simply rename the domain directory to be all lowercase and your website should work.


Thanks! Will rembemer this for in the future too.

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