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Anyone know how to make a search bar for website

is this an issue with FTP? :thinking:

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Oh sorry it was from previous topic

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Is it not possible to make it from ms excel so I can keep my whole database in excel from excel it can shows result on website

Wait what? MS Excel on a website?

Do you mean this?

No no
I want that all my search database should be in ms excel or in ms access when someone click on search bar on website the result should be from excel database

I’ve never heard that kind of feature before :thinking:

I’ve tried to search on internet, but I couldn’t find any possible tutorials or guides that can help you or there is no option for it or it is impossible.

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Thanks for support

Our hosting doesn’t have the tools to use an Excel sheet or a MS Access database. We only support MySQL and SQLite.

You could convert your Excel spreedsheet into CSV, import that into a MySQL table and use some PHP code to search that database table. But that would require quite a bit of custom coding.


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