Scam website hosted on my domain

My free hosting account got terminated but now some scam website is hosted on my website domain What scam service is this from ?

The “scam website” is a domain parking page from Bodis. Any domain using our nameservers which is not attached to a hosting account is redirected there.

Fixing this is easy though: just link the domain to a hosting account again. Or if you want to host the domain elsewhere, point it to the nameservers of that new provider.

Like you said: it’s your domain. You control what’s being displayed on it.


That is what I am saying. I decide what will be shown on my domain. has terminated my free account. Only “suspended page” should be see shown on my domain. Now what is shown on by Bodis will give bad reputation to my domain. I can file lawsuit for what has done. Just remove everything from my domain or reactivate my free hosting account

Your account was not terminated by us.

Your domain is not even connected to an account, that is why that page is showing. You need to either create a new account, or add the domain to an account you already have.

Additionally, the nameserver is invalid. Please remove it.


Additional option, if you no longer wish to use InfinityFree: Change your domain’s nameservers, or remove them altogether (not entirely sure if that’s a possibility, though).

Not exactly, InfinityFree bears zero responsibility for what’s shown on your website. As explained by Admin, before:

You’re pointing your site to InfinityFree/Byet nameservers when you no longer have an account there, so anything that displays isn’t their responsibility, as your domain does not exist on their system (and that’s why you’re getting the parking page). Even when actively being hosted, you’re responsible for your website’s content and can change it at any time.


OK, can I host my website of infinityfree free hosting ? Admin told me my account was terminated. Also how many people how computers. people will think anything (bad) posted on my website is my website. My website is reputed


Yes, you need to connect it to your account first.

You said that, nobody else did. That is not true.


Your domain doesn’t show a suspension page because isn’t suspended anymore. As you can see in the client area, it was deleted November 18.

From the moment it was suspended on October 29 until November 18, it showed a suspension page. After that, it was deleted and the domain reverted back to the “default” setting, which is the parking service.

Because of this, we also cannot reactivate your old account, because once an account is deleted there is nothing left to reactivate.

As far as I can tell, you’ve had plenty of opportunity to move the domain to somewhere you can control what’s being shown on it.

Looking at the deleted account, it was suspended because it received excessive traffic. There is nothing to stop you from hosting the domain with us again, but remember that the account and traffic limits are still the same. If you exceed the traffic limits again, your account will be suspended again, temporarily or permanently. So you may want to move your site to more powerful hosting like iFastNet’s premium hosting to prevent all of this from happening again.


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