rver Timezone

I have a wordpress site on http://technospace.xyz.
Today I was trying some plugins which auto post to twitter and none of them could connect to twitter but all of them could connect to facebook.
On further reading I found that twitter servers reject connection if there is a difference between site and server timezone.So I chnaged my timezone to Calcutta but still the server time shown on my website is not the one in Calcutta right now ?
Why is it so?

Basically the question is that after altering php configs to change my timezone to Calcutta, why don’t I see Calcutta time in my site.On my site the server time is different from the time at Calcutta


It’s not possible to change the server time, unfortunately, because doing so could break every other website except for yours.

The time on our server is synchronized automatically, so I don’t think this is a time zone issue. What do you actually see when you try to connect to Twitter? Do you get any error messages?

@Admin I tried it myself when I saw this post … It says Connection timed out with error code 110 …

That shouldn’t have happened … Would you like to curl twitter from server directly for @abhishekr700 …?

I just used jetpack for sharing post.