RoundCube Installation Issue

How do I install RoundCube since the PHP installer downloadable via roundcube site is not extacting on infinityfree server

You can’t use RoundCube with their “SMTP servers” on this hosting (I’ve double quoted SMTP servers because the SMTP servers don’t exist either on free hosting). But you can use their installation on or, if you want to install their installation on a subdomain, go to the CNAME records section on the Control Panel, on Source put webmail and make sure you’re using the right domain, and on Destination put After a minute or 24 hours you can go to webmail.yourdomain/roundcubemail, remembering to overwrite yourdomain with the domain you’ve used for the setting and you’re ready! Then set the MX record to in the MX Record section and create an email account to test it.

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@Ergastolator1, thank you for helping me out here.
Would you mind elaborating as I previously used to install it via softaculous but it is no longer available.
To clarify, my mail hosting is on Zoho Mail and I used to use a subdomain ( to login to relevant mailbox while using roundcube as UI (in a sense).
Is there any way I will be able to do something similar ? Please guide me how.

You can create a subdomain on your account called “mail” with domain source as your domain, that will be the last of the dropdown, then go to the htdocs of that subdomain, extract the complete RoundCube 1.4-rc1 script that you can find here and upload all the files inside of roundcubemail-1.4-rc1 on the htdocs of it with a FTP client. After that, you need to configure Roundcube by going to the subdomain/installer/ and following the instructions on here, the Zoho Mail IMAP settings here and the Zoho Mail SMTP settings here. After creating the config file, test it all and delete the installer/ folder on the subdomain’s htdocs always with a FTP client. Now you can access the webmail by going to the subdomain you’ve created and type the mail you’ve created via Zoho Mail and the password of it. Click on “Login” and if you’ve done all the steps correctly, your webmail should be working!

This is precisely what I was trying the for past few days but each time I upload, staffs get removed automatically.

Let me know if you are facing the same issue.

I’m uploading the Rainloop on Rainloop is known to be a browser-based modern email client, that can send and receive emails with IMAP and SMTP servers and weighs only 16 MB. I’m even trying to configure it with Zoho’s IMAP and SMTP servers for your domain (e.g.
EDIT! I’ve uploaded the Rainloop and configured it with and emails. Now try to access the webmail with this link with email and password of the Zoho Mail account and if it can’t login enable IMAP access with these instructions.

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gmail as in SMTP over gmail ?

BTW, I was still trying to make roundcube work but failed. Any way around ?

Gmail with IMAP server, port 993 and connection type SSL/TLS, SMTP server, port 587 and connection type STARTTLS.
You can use WinRAR to extract tar.gz files. You can download it from here. Then upload the files inside the roundcube-4.0-rc1 folder with FileZilla on subdomainfolder/htdocs.

Understood, is there any wiki/guide so that I can configure same portal to access my gmail as well as mail (Zoho)

But I am facing same issue with RoundCube even with winrar

Try downloading the latest version of RoundCube from here and extract it with WinRAR.

The logs say, “You may need to run WinRAR as administrator”, so try running WinRAR as administrator and extract the tar.gz file in another folder.
However, with Rainloop you can then configure the domain, after logging in in (address where you installed Rainloop)/?admin with username admin and password of first 5 numbers that can not be said for security purposes, then going on Domains and clicking on the “+ Add Domain” button to add the domain with these settings: Screenshot by Lightshot.

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So this is the admin portal.

Thanks man, you are best

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