Round cube

i am unable to log in to my round cube account
how can i do it

Our emails are disabled, that’s why you cannot login.

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this means i cannot create a proffesional email accout
one showing @Mydomain

No you cannot, it’s disabled due to prevent abuse.

you can use external email providers like Zoho.


i can create an email account with my domain right?
is it a plug in or just a completely different account on iself

You can’t using the control panel but as @anon19508339 said, you can using another email provider. Zoho is a free email provider for your own domain.

does it work with free domains like mine…
if not is there one that works with such domains

If it doesn’t work then just email them and they will do their best.

thank you. will do.

Remember click the solution button on the post that solved your problem, whether it was me or @anon19508339.

Zohomail doesn’t accept free domains such as .ml, .ga, .tk, .cf

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You can use email forwarders such as ImprovMx which supports free domain names. It is free and reliable.


Nice! I didn’t now about this one before but now I’m using it!

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