Room 404 error

Hi! i don’t understand why this “room 404” is happening on my website. I have 4 html files namely: index.html, beverage.htm, hotcoff, html, and coldcoff.htm. The index.html is my main html file and the other three supposed to go back again to the index.html when they click the text “see other menu”. It work on my beverage.htm but not on the hotcoff.htm and coldcoff.htm. Why is that so?

PS: they have the same code for redirecting to index.html but it only works on the beverage.htm

No idea. What is the domain?


Hi! Here’s my domain:

It’s just my final requirement, and I’m just a college student, so, the design and layout is not that good.

No issue. All are working. Did you clear your browser cache?


I just did, and it works now. Thank you!


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