Rookie Question DAY #1

day #1!
need a little help please is my web page
i uploaded an index.html page and it’s working fine!

but i also directory called “chelsea”
i put her single index2021.html in there but i can’t reach it. (does not work)

all i get is the 404 page

what am i doing wrong???


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I think this is a cache issue as I can see the page fine.

Please read this if you do not know how to clear your browser cache.


Already replied up here ^

def not a cache issue :frowning_face:
i just got to the office…where i have never visited the site.

no page

Magically, I can’t get access to your website too. Wait for an answer of different person.

Hm, it shows fine for me.

index.html is not there.

index2021.html is there.

Note that if you navigate to a folder (, it will automatically try to serve the index.html.

Change your index2021.html’s name to just index.html


it is serving fine. try

  • removing your cache
  • using incognito / another browser / device

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