Rf.gd not working (it was working at one point)

Username epiz_31921642 or worldinformation.rf.gd

Error Message

I don’t see any error, I just get redirected to the default rf.gd site

Other Information

I have another rf.gd site: diegoorellanaga.rf.gd and that is working fine but I can’t make the worldinformation.rf.gd work. I have tried to change the index.html to be sure is not code related and it doesn’t work either.

And it did work before, but after some code updates and then it stopped working. But even if I just change the index.html to


it doesn’t work.

Thank you!

No issue



for me its blocked by malwarebytes premium although the infinity free main rf.gd domain name isnt blocked and redirects to infinityfree, is this a false positive ?

maybe your antivirus/antimalware is blocking it also ?


im unable to use wget to view the page source of worldinformation.rf.gd, could you post your page source code ?


ok I decided to turn off webprotection on malwarebytes and take a look

the website does load for me and the source code contains just this



try clearing your browser cache and reload the page

as for the popup warning all i can say is malwarebytes isnt what it used to be thats for sure. sorry


Thank you. Yes somehow now it got fixed. but for several hours it was down. What could have happened?

I changed the name of the index.html to app.html and created a new index.html with only


You can see the website if you go to http://www.worldinformation.rf.gd/app.html. Now is ok but for several hours it was down somehow.

Unfortunately, we can’t troubleshoot something that “Was not working before but is working now”. If it stops working again, let us know and we will take a look.


Thank you, it must have been related to the mechanisms that served the website, since I made sure it was not code related. I did try to load it on the phone and on a tablet and it was not working on those either. Now is fine without any change from my part.

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