Retrieve Wordpress site from deactivated account

Hello! My Website has been deactivated quite a while back (I was still building my website)
I was using Wordpress. I didn’t have time to keep building the website at that time and thought Wordpress would be storing my progress. Well, it didn’t.

Is there any way to retrieve what I have worked on so far? I do see my login history, but no files. And I also can’t login on directly.

Any help is appreciated!!

Welcome @sitara :slightly_smiling_face: You say your site was deactivated quite a while back, it’s probably gone by now. Deactivated accounts are deleted automatically 60 days after deactivation per the KB article below.

Look under the heading Deactivating your hosting account, that’s where I found the information about deactivated accounts are automatically deleted 60 days after deactivation.


thank you for the info! I was hoping I could access the code by logging into wordpress, because that’s where I downloaded and customized the theme. but it doesn’t seem to have stored any of my work :frowning:

WordPress is/was your site on the server, nothing was stored by WordPress, unless you had a backup stored locally on your computer everything was deleted when the site was deleted.


aah, too bad.
but thank you for your fast reply!

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