Retrieval of files due to no longer being able to use service

I have recently received multiple false suspensions due to a server error and I am frustrated and wanted to change provider which I can’t do as it suspends your Cpannel account and I don’t have access to my website files which I would like to retrieve.

Please someone at infinityfree help me out ASAP.



  1. What is the suspension for?
  2. What is your evidence to show it is a server error?

I was suspended for reaching free package limits, I ran a script which clearly was not allowed so I was going to remove it but I never had a chance to and I’m now worried all of my website progress will be gone.

Are you offered the option to open a support ticket? If you were suspended recently, your website files are fine, just locked down.


Hopefully they unsuspend me soon and I can remove the script which causes the suspensions.

I have submitted a few support tickets yes.


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Also keep this as a note to always have a backup!


Problem was I could not download any files as folders. Only separate

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