Restrictions in php.ini

I would like to know if you could help me with the following restrictions that are in php.ini that is preventing me from continuing with the testing of my site

1 - Mcrypt PHP Extension
2 - Putenv PHP Extension

I understand, therefore, I had already seen in other topics that it is not possible to change php.ini, because it will make this change for all users, but if there is another method for this, I would like to know!

As you’ve said yourself, they are disabled for security, I doubt there is any other way of using them due to the nature of what they are. If your testing requires these functions, then do it on another hosting. This is Free Hosting, not a test lab.


mcrypt was removed from PHP 7.2 and later. Not just from our PHP installation, but from the programming language itself. If you still need it, you can switch to PHP 5.6 through the Select PHP Version menu in the control panel.

Just read what we said about it the other couple of dozen times people asked about this:


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