Rest api on free hosting?

Does it true that for free hosting, we cant make use of REST API? Meaning I cannot request POST/GET?

You can only request/post to our host from same domain, And no, you cannot use our hosting for API hosting.


Do you want to host a REST API or want to host a website that fetches data from a REST API. Each would have different implications.

My case: I am using Arduino to send data via php with POST request to the other database server. But if i pre-coded the data value into the php, the data is saved into the database server. Does that mean my infinityfree webserver cant accept POST request from Arduino?

ps: sorry bad english not my native language.

@Niekon , i think my question would be the latter.

I am not sure, but this essentially means you are hosting a REST API. I don’t think you are allowed to do this.
I will leave this for the @Admin. Please be patient for his response.

Please read the following for more info:


That is correct.

Details are in the article shared by @Niekon.


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