Response: 553 Prohibited file name

I am trying to create a symlink for the storage folder where I will store all images. In order to do that, I have to delete the old folder. I am not able to delete the folder. I tried with Filezilla and inside the Cpanel. Nothing works. I cannot delete it, I can rename it, nothing.

Here is an image to see the folder:

first of all if you can see folder name is like xampp folder.Its must been a bug.Can you give your website link?

Here is the link to my website:

well i think its a bug.There are no folder named that one

Yes, but I can clearly see it in my files and that prevents me from making a symlink for my storage folder. Can you go into my files and delete it, because when I try to delete it, it gives me a “553 Prohibited file name” error?

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