Resource usage warning


My problem is that I got frequently warnings and suspensions about the CPU usage but for now I thought that my e107 cms has some serious flaws wich I can’t fix so I tried too look other options… but it was always strange because my visitor numbers is on the minimum hence I couldn’t update my website without causing a suspension for months now… So I was ready to leave when the yesterday’s suspension popped up - again with no tracable evidence that there was any pike in the statistics… - but the interesting thing was that the next warning message that said again I used the 50% of the CPU usage limit was arrived BEFORE even the suspension were lifted…

So my question is is this some kind of freak error or I can’t use your service at all?

Updating a CMS is a complex operation which could take a lot of processing power. We have developed our own method of calculating CPU usage to allow temporary burst usage so you can update your website. However, if your usage was high before, the update might just have pushed it over the edge.

Unfortunately, we don’t have logs with enough details to really figure out what’s causing the high CPU loads.

Sorry update was the wrong word I mean just posting a news article or basically do nothing for weeks…