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Hello Valued Customer,

This mail is to inform you that your site with the username epiz_33520994 has utilised over 50% of its daily resource limits.

This limit is reset every day.

The resources that your site has used over 50% on is :

ep warning

You can log into your cpanel with the username epiz_33520994 and in here click on ‘Account Statistics’ in here there are graphs that show your daily resource usage.

The free plan is a great place to get your site online and making profit, however it does have limited resources available to it, you would need to optimize your script(s) to reduce usage, OR upgrade to a premium plan.

Premium plans have a MUCH higher resource allocation, along with the cPanel panel unlimited disk space, and much much more. For more information please visit

Once the premium hosting account has been purchased please create a support ticket asking for your free hosting account to be migrated to the premium hosting account and we will do the rest.


Other Information

I found one post about this “ep warning” ( What exactly is the “Entry Process Failures” graph under the Account Account Statistics in CPanel? - Hosting Support - InfinityFree Forum)
stating that the ep failure comes from to much traffic.

But there is no traffic AT ALL.

I started working on editing one single wordpress page this night. All other graphs on the resource usage dashboard including i/o are so empty you can barely see anything happend at all. The wordpress is installed by your script some hours before. I selected a basic theme and installed some 3-5 plugins.

There is no explanation whatsoever why this “Entry Process Failures” graph displays a spike. And i am clueless where to look for

Plz advice what to do.

Yes, there is:


See that bump on the 4th of February? That’s traffic that we have recorded for your account.

Please note that just because you haven’t advertised your website, it isn’t being accessed by anyone. Bots and crawlers can find basically any site on the internet through various means. For you site, it could be that your ZeroSSL certificate getting logged in the Certificate Transparency Logs triggered bots to see what your website was all about.

My advice? Don’t worry too much about it for now. This may just have been a once-off thing. Just keep an eye on the graphs for the next few days and see how the traffic develops.


seems i have to worry, because the account was suspended:


Your InfinityFree account epiz_33520994 (Website for has been temporarily suspended.

Your account exceeded the daily limits of your service. InfinityFree monitors the CPU, memory and hits usage (among others) of your account and temporarily deactivates your website if the limit is hit.

Your account will be reactivated automatically after 24 hours. For more information, please check the client area.

Plz advice. I have no clue what i can do.

I did not do one step outside of the guidelines. Installed wordpress with the given script. Selected the recommended CA for the certificate. And started to edit one single page. Nothing fancy - just some audio and scores to help the choir to prepare vor Bachs Matthäuspassion. I didnt even had the time to make a backup. And now the account is suspended because of reasons, i have no means to analyze or do something against it. And i already got six mail pushing me hard to make a paid abonnement.

I hope i am fast enough on monday to take a wordpress backup to go somewhere else. So i do not loose the nights work.

When an account is temporarily suspended, your files and databases are not deleted. You will be able to access them all again once the period ends.

And if you want higher limits, please check our premium hosting.


Hey, maybe i did not make myself clear enough.

I took yesterday a freetier offering. I installed wordpress with the script infinity provided. I chose the cerificate from the CA with infinitys “recommended” badge on it. I accessed, the wp-admin console and added one single page to put a bit of mp3’s generated from musescore and a couple of Links to scores all for rhe purpose to help choir singers to learn Bachs Matthaeuspassion. There will be some 50 people access the page a couple of days, but the projection is that this will never generate as much traffic to even come near the free offerings limits. This is about church music not pop music - this is nothing that pulls thousands of people… maybe not even 100 in a year. But the traffic generated hit the limits and made the account suspended, not for i/o and so on but only for “Entry process failures” - that i am told have happened within 6 hours from installation only generated by the steps i said.

If this happens due to some bots triggered by ZeroSSL, its infinitys fault, to put the recommended badge on it.

I did nothing to trigger traffic from my side. I am not given any means to analyze what kind of traffic this is to provoke these “Entry Process failure”, or to prevent it.

If the actions to install wordpress and edit one single page during some 3h already is enough ro suspend the account, this is obviously not so free of an offering.

Tell me, if this completely intransparent “traffic”-issue is enough to suspend my account and puts me in this situation not to be able to access my last nights work, how shall i be motivated to switch to a paid offering, if then i can expect to get confronted with some more claims of exceeded “traffic” i cannot anlyze or prevent to switch to the next level more expensive offering, and so on and so on…

Plz, give me one good reason, why i should go this way…

It does not matter which provider you choose. When you get an SSL certificate, your site is added to the registry. So no matter what provider you pick, the same thing will happen.

People don’t get suspended for this all the time, it’s a fairly rare occurrence that installing a certificate generates enough hits from bots to trigger a temporary suspension.

Totally your choice, but paid hosting gives you much more power than free hosting. You get much higher limits, and more statistics and stuff. Additionally, sites are not temporarily suspended on paid hosting, you get throttled instead.

If you don’t want to pay, that’s fine, when the suspension period ends you will be able to continue building your site.


The problem is not, that i might perhaps get only throttled on a paid offering.
The problem is that the reason is intransparent.

I took care, and i ask what i did wrong, how can i avoid this situation? What happend exactly, you did not provide me on this offering with any means to analyze the problem. Can you give any kind of helpful technical advice - i mean any other advice then buying a plan. I already got this. Within one day of contact with infinity i was already assailed… hm overwhelmed with this “buy a plan” advice. . :wink:

Nothing and nothing. What happened is just the nature of the internet, and it affects everyone, big and small. Most company’s are not affected because they have large servers that can handle these things, unfortunately, free hosting server are not.

That’s almost impossible to figure out. We can guess, which is what Admin did. In this scenario, I agree with his statement fully.

Get a custom domain and use a service like Cloudflare. This won’t offer 100% protection, and there is still a possibility for this to happen again, but if you configure it correctly, it should help a bit.


We measure server metrics and (due to high cost of processing and storing the raw data) aggregate them immediately. I really, really, really wish I could tell you something like “at time A, the pages B were hit triggering action C that generated high usage, so if you do D it will reduce your usage”. But we can’t, because we don’t have that data.

On premium hosting, you do get more detailed graphs and snapshots breaking down the usage per hour, and providing process snapshots which give a lot more insight as to what’s actually going on. But even those metrics generally don’t give a clear-cut answer as to what you need to do to fix it, as they are still vague and technical.

People keep telling you to upgrade, because increasing the limits or getting more insights is only possible with premium hosting. The only alternative is to basically throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.


I was able to reaccess the account 1,5h ago.

My first action was to edit robots.txt with
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
to avoid any traffic from crawler activity.

My secon action was taking a backup and downloading it.

5 min ago i got the next warning.

Hello Valued Customer,
This mail is to inform you that your site with the username epiz_33520994 has utilised over 50% of its daily resource limits.
This limit is reset every day.
The resources that your site has used over 50% on is :
ep warning

I changed the theme, and created one more page, and watched the graph.
It grows, and is only 1-2mm from the red line, so i guess the account will again be suspend within the next hour.

Plz, tell me what i can do to avoid again being suspended. Or do i have to expect the page to be accessible only 1-3h every two days, because its the internet…

That won’t actually stop most bots, robots.txt is just a suggestion that most good bots (Like Google) will follow.

Thats a good step

Not really anything you can do with a free subdomain and free hosting. If you buy a paid domain (Like from NameSilo or NameCheap, you can get better protection using a service like Cloudflare.


suspended again after 4h. I starting to doubt that there is any free account is functional at all.

Thank you for answering, but i hope you understand this does note create any trust in infinity service. This feels more like a joke … functions every 2 days for 2-3h.

I’ve hosted a website here for over a year now, was only suspended twice.

Most people never get suspended, but there are unfortunately times when it happens.

And it’s out of our control, so there is not really much we can do to help unfortunately.


WordPress seems to have loads spiking issues with all the free hosting plan out there and even on infinityfree because the service they’re offering you is free so you have limited resources to the server.

My advice:

  1. Go for premium plan where you have the entire server to yourself

  2. If you must use WordPress on the free plan then password the directory where you installed the WordPress, this way nobody or bots will be able to access your website without the password.

  3. Convert your WordPress website to static html

Can you explain, how to do this password on the directory?

Adding password protection is not going to stop bots from visiting your site, and it won’t stop hits from getting tallied.


Hey the page is back, and the spike on entry-process-failures somehow “magically” does not grow any more. I had to switch to taking screenshots and putting the graphs one over the other to see if the graphs angle changes. I would prefer some clean numbers with max_number and number_used on the ressources as i have seen with other providers like kinsta - these badly sized graph pics does give much less information to us customers and obviously use more of your precious ressources.

But the problem seems to have shifted to ressources not loading on the webpage with some ressource limit warning - which is at least more helpful for me to understand the problem, than the feedback before - “its the internet and you are randomly caught in bad traffic weather because of bad luck - accept it or pay”

There are quite some mp3’s on this page - excuse me for the pun, its a worstcase scenario - its a passion (mattheauspassion) with 78 movements, not all choral, only some 30%, (i have only the choral movements), but each has 4 mp3’s (soprano, alto, tenore, bass), and around 50% even 8 mp3’s because it has two choirs, sums up to 192 mp3. Much more than a page for a cantata wich may have only 8 or 12 mp3’s.

These mp3 come in regualr wp_audio blocks:


And now around 80% of these blocks come back with
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 508 ()
Which is associated with hitting ressource limits. So i guess that this wordpress audio block, tries to load each mp3 in advance and opens a process which somehow pushed the entry rocess failures up.
The rendered audioplayer grafic remains grey and cannot play the mp3.

So I interpret this as a shift of the same problem - not by magic but by some setting not visible/communicated to me that kicks in earlier in the process of rendering the website - is this assumption correct?

I would like to understand, if i can better this problem by for example splitting the passion up into one page per (choral) movement and having a maximum of 8 mp3’s on each. Or is even this to much for the limits of the freetier offering - and its better to move away.

This is no offense - just an honest thought. If so, i will not buy a plan with infinity, because buying a plan only pushes the limits up some points, and i may run into the same problem. The way I’m being helped by support is focused on selling me a more expensive plan, not on helping me make my site more resource efficient. This will not change if I pay more, as there are the same people with the same policies who then do the support then. Since I am kept dumb about how many even more expensive upgrades I will have to buy until the site works as originally designed - I cannot make an informed decision about how expensive it will ultimately be at infinity. :thinking:

I respect absolutely, that you have to limit the ressources on free offerings - but how you deal with the problem does not convince me that I am in good hands here.

It won’t prevent the hits, but it may prevent the EP usage, or at least reduce it because the password protection can prevent any PHP code from getting executed.

We don’t provide too much details on purpose. The exact way the limits are counted and the exact values of those limits are confidential.

We want people to stay within the limits and upgrade if they need more. We don’t want people to fine tune their websites to use the maximum amount of server power without getting suspended.

And the way the limits are calculated on free hosting is different from our premium hosting and all other hosting I know of, so it’s not like it can help you compare different plans and providers.

Yeah, a single page trying to download 200 MP3 files all at once is likely to cause some problems.

Our hosting is optimized for website hosting, not media streaming, so you may also notice that these file downloads can be quite slow. And it’s possible that every concurrent download of an MP3 file is using up a single entry process to handle that file download. So with 200 MP3 files, that would result in up to 200 concurrent downloads, i.e. 200 concurrent entry processes. Even a premium account cannot handle that many concurrent requests.

The 508 responses are likely the Resource Limit Exceeded responses from the server. Those are likely generated because the server cannot handle any more requests because you’ve hit the limit of concurrent entry processes. Those errors get logged as Entry Process Failures, which are ultimately what triggers the suspension.

That seems like it’s the best way to solve it, yes! By reducing the number of MP3s per page, it should drastically reduce the number of concurrent downloads, and reduce your entry process usage.

Based on what you’ve described so far, this absolutely seems like the smartest thing to do.

When people hit one of the limits but have very low usage on most of the other metrics, it usually means that there is something on their website that’s not running efficiently. In your case, that would be the large number of MP3s. Throwing more server power at it is one way to kick the ball forward, but very often it’s indeed better to identify and fix the root cause. Doing so can both dramatically reduce your hosting costs but often also improve website performance.


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