Requested SSL but no action

I keep getting notices that my SSL certificate is going to expire. I’ve requested a new one but it just stays in “Pending”. All the rest have come from GoGetSSL but this is being requested from Google Trust. Anyone know why the change to Google and why there is a delay?

Well I hadn’t noticed you can select the provider. I created a new order with GoGetSSL and got a new certificate right away. Problem solved

In most cases the answer is: because you’re waiting for something to happen that won’t happen unless you make it happen.

With most SSL providers, the process is roughly:

  1. Create the SSL certificate order.
  2. Setup the necessary verification records.
  3. Wait for the verification records to be visible.
  4. Click the Request Certificate button.

Only when you click the button to request the certificate will it be requested. When you do, the certificate will be ready within minutes. But if you never click that button, the certificate will be pending forever.

GoGetSSL is a special exception in that they will trigger certificate checks autonomously and notify us, so you may not need to (but still can) do step 4. But of course, that doesn’t mean that other providers don’t work.


Yes, I did all of that but the order never went past “Pending”. I canceled the order and created a new one. Perhaps I did them in the wrong sequence. I do have a new one now but when it comes time again I’ll pay attention to the sequence you have set out.

Thanks for the fast reply and information.

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