Repetitive Account Suspension

Website URL

www duraloot com

Error Message

Your InfinityFree account (Duraloot) has been temporarily suspended.

Your account was suspended because you hit the Entry Process limits.

Other Information

I’ve experienced many account suspension these days the 28 july, 9 august and 13 august lastly, even when the website has no visits, because of hitting entry process limits. I don’t know if this is caused by any plugin in wordpress or if there’s something else causing it. Has anyone else experienced this same issue ?

Possible. Can you share a list of the plugins you’re currently using?


Deactivate all the plugins then check! Usually WP plugins cause this issue


If you look at the Daily Hits graph in the control panel (in Account Statistics), you’ll see very clearly that your website is definitely getting traffic.

Seeing how you’re using Cloudflare, you may also want to check the Analytics on their end to learn more about the nature of the traffic. From there, you can also do things like increasing the Security Level or enabling Bot Fight Mode, to help protect your website against undesirable traffic.


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