Renewing SSL Certificate

My SSL certificate expires today. I thought that I would be alerted to it, but I must have misunderstood.

I went into my Control Panel and saw that I could request a certificate, and so clicked on the link, hoping that would give more information about what to do. Instead, I received a message to say the certificate would be created shortly ! Unfortunately I had not had a chance to search the forum for a topic on renewing the SSL certificate.

I am now worried that I may have done something wrong as I do not know what I am doing. Therefore, at this time, I have not done anything else just in case. I do not at this stage want to start trying to do anything in case I upset the applecart, as this is the first time that I have had to renew.

What should I do ? Sorry to be such a fool but should I wait now or not ?

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No need to worry!
You did the right thing by requesting an SSL Ceritificate from the Client Area, the message with Your certificate is being created shortly should disappear soon and it will give you a private key and a certificate. Go to the Control Panel and click on SSL/TLS section and upload your private key and certificate.
Your SSL should appear soon on your site!

If you’d like more help, please read the official guide below:


Thanks so much for the re-assurance ! It had me worried.
The status is still showing as “Pending” though, and I wonder if it is waiting for me to change anything in the Record name, Domain and Destination fields, which already have entries in them. However, the field headed “Current Destination” reads “Not found” “Not ready”. It does say “Please set up the validation checks shown above”.
Do I have to change anything or do I just wait for it to be ‘found’ ? There is a “Private Key” already (although it may be the old one ?) but there is nothing under “Certificate”.
Perhaps I have just got to have patience.

Well, I have just added the Record Name and the Destination because I decided the system was waiting for me to do that ! And now it reads “Current destination ready”. So that is encouraging. I imagine I just have to wait now for the Certificate.


Everything appears to be o.k. again and the padlock is visible.

Thanks for the advice again.


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Thanks. I was not aware of that.

Odd, because you should have received those. We send a couple of email reminders about certificate expiration: 30 days, 7 days and 1 day before expiration off the top of my head.

But you can turn them off for individual certificates.

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