renewal of domain

i want to ask about the renewal of domain to @Admin or anyone that may help on this particular issue…

i got my domain from the “active in GH forum program” and it came to my knowledge that so far no planning on continuing the program here in IF… so in case that the program won’t be resumed, how can i renew my domain registration? do i need to pay to IF to renew or i can renew it on my own? if i need to do it on my own, how and where i need to refer/go? is there any site for it? and i don’t have any paypal whatsoever, i just have debit cards (already cancelled all my credit cards), will it be acceptable?

thanks in advance

You’re right in assuming that you cannot renew your domain for free. The forum posting rewards will not be continued here.

When the renewal is due, you will be able to renew your domain name through the domain management area at . You’ll be able to pay for it using PayPal. If you don’t want to renew with us or don’t have PayPal, you are also free to transfer the domain name to a registrar which does offer the payment methods you need.

ok noted… so I need to find other registrar 1st right, then transfer via that portal