Removing my domain or redirecting it to a new domain

Hey i wanted to delete my domain name, is that possible?
If it is not possible then…
I was moving my website to another host provider and i want to transfer or delete my domain in order to manage my website from my new host provider. If removing my domain name is not possible can you help me redirect my domain name hosted here on infinity free to my new domain hosted on my new host provider?

First, go to the cPanel and remove the domain from addon domains.

Then, go to your domain registrar and change the nameservers to your new host.


I have removed all addon domains… there are 2 accounts and i don’t know which one is my main domain tho, can you help out identify my main domain. I don’t know how to access the domain registrar and change the name server… Can you help me out?

Where did you get / buy your domain? That‘s your domain registrar and you will be able to change nameservers there.

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