Removing a custom domain?

Username: epiz_27711126

Hey, I created a new account using the Custom Domain option. I now want to remove this custom domain as we’re not renewing with the domain provider – how do I do this?

Do I just remove the nameserver settings from the domain provider?
What subdomain will my site use?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just delete the addon domain from the VPanel.

Just create any subdomain from the VPanel.
Remember to update any website configuration settings for the new subdomain


Awesome, thanks for the info.

When you say, “Remember to update any website configuration settings for the new subdomain”, what do I need to update?

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So let’s say if you installed WordPress (in the past)
and it has a config file in which the base url is written, etc. (sub/domain)

and in the meantime you changed the domain

that WP will have problems working because it still has the old address
in its config or DB.

it’s a simplified answer so you just get an idea


Ah, right. I see.

However, I’m not using WP or anything similar. I’m just adding files manually.

Previously, I had the addon domain “” and now I’ve deleted that.
I’ve also created a new subdomain “” but it’s created a new folder in the htdocs route.

Do I jus have to move my existing files from the root htdocs folder to the new subdomain htdocs folder?

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if you want to use that new address with the previous files then YES (upload files there) is now root folder for


Yes move all the files also help!
If u have old domain values in any of the file that also needs to be modified with new subdomain!
Same time if you use DB that will needs to be modified!
U need to install SSL also separatly for the new subdomain!


you also need to review your code
and if you did not use a relative url but an absolute one then change the path of course in code also. (so that it would not lead e.g. to an address )


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