Remove Security Website

Hi InfinityFree Hosting. I like to make request to remove “ckattempt=1” i request this for my accounts becouse i working on mobile apps tapatalk to future my forum. This process can’t be enable becouse of security in hosting.

cPanel ID “fceu_17383940”

Hello @Level5.

Unfortunately we cannot remove site security for invidual accounts. We have this security system implented in order to protect our user websites against certain types of attacks and malicious bot visits. Sadly this function sometimes tends to get in way with certain applications or ‘scanning’ websites.

I am not fully sure if security feature can be removed for invidual accounts, but only @Admin can answer this question.

If you cannot develop your project due to this security feature I believe you will have to upgrade to our premium hosting. Our premium hosting XVHost has more functions and less limits. It is also generally faster than our free hosting and it doesn’t have this security feature that makes your site’s link have ‘ckattempt=’ at end of it…

I hope I was able to sort out this issue. If you have any more questions or issues feel free to ask for further support here!

Have a nice day.


The ?ckattempt=1 URL part is part of a bot protection system which unfortunately cannot be turned off. While it can help protect your website against hackers, it also means that automated access (like with mobile apps) is not supported.

XVHOST doesn’t have that system though.