Remove Let's Encrypt SSL Certs

I want to use the Cloudflare certs so I don’t have to renew every 90 days but there are certs already there and I don’t see any way to remove them.

How do I remove them to be able to use the Cloudflare certs?


  • Click Again Delete SSL Domain button.


It says the certs will be inaccessible. Do this actually delete them?

You don’t really need to delete it that way. Just enter the control panel and remove the certificate text. Note that if you want to use “Full” SSL mode on Cloudflare (For the most security), you will need to use IF’s SSL as well since the control panel does not allow you to use CA chain certificates.

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You can’t use that cert in the future. So we can say one kind of deletion from user side.

If you are using Cloudflare no need to delete Let’s encrypt. Just leave it and forget.
But when you want to use Cloudflare SSL Full mode (Mode Secure)

Try to understand Cloudflare SSL mode images and make decision about how you want more secure data transfer.

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Thanks for the info. I was testing how this works before I put it on my main site. I won’t do end to end thru Cloudfalre like I hoped so I’ll just use the IF certs and renew every 90 days.

At least I understand better now how they work.

If you have Cloudflare, you might as well set it’s SSL mode to “Full”. That way you can get the added security of having a certificate on the server, and one the protect the traffic (From Cloudflare)

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