Remove addon domain

I created an addon domain, I would like to remove everything associated with the creation I have tried to remove it my self but I keep getting an error ftp access denied.
I would like to use a parked domain so I do not have to move my site files around.

When I add the parked domain I am getting Error #93681767457 Please contact support.

This is a wordpress site if this helps. Thanks in advance.

Pls delete the addon domain through the Control Panel.
Go to vPanel → Domains → Addon Domains and then delete your domain there.

I have checked your accounts and there aren’t any domain on it yet. The Parked Domains feature can be used to alias another domain name to a name which is already on your account. And if your account doesn’t have any domains, it means you cannot add parked domains to it.

Also, domains can only be added or removed through the control panel. FTP can only be used to edit website files, not domain names.

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