Remote database

Good morning.
I would like to know if switching to premium it is possible to access my database via jdbc driver.
Thank you

Yes, by switching to any premium plan you can have a remote mysql database. Check the premium plans here.


Even with the Starter plan ?. can I with the starter plan to query my mysql database with Android through PHP pages?
Thank you

Sorry you can’t use Remote MySQL in this hosting

He mentioned Premium hosting :expressionless:

Yes you can use Remote MySQL in premium hosting

Yes, even with the starter plan.


Thank you
Why with the free plan if I query through my php pages that I put in htdocs, my mysql database responds via broswer but not with the android app?

Because we’re not allowing API hosting, so i block our websites being accessed through anything other than browser.


With the premium plan will I also be able to use android?


Thank you

Good evening
I’m about to buy the starter plan but what i don’t understand is how does infinityfree know i got the starter plan from iFastNet? Isn’t it that I find myself buying from IfanNet and then I don’t have anything on infinityfree?
Thank you

iFastnet will transfer your InfinityFree account to them if you ask them here:


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