Regular badge questions

How do I get the status/badge “Regular”? I see a moderator such at @Greenreader9 has the badge and I am very curious, how do you get it and how does it work?


If you click on the badge, it offers some information:

It’s Discourse’s user trust system, you can read more about it on their blog:

For example, these are the requirements for Regular (unless they have been changed by Admin):

To get to trust level 3, in the last 100 days…

  • Must have visited at least 50% of days
  • Must have replied to at least 10 different non-PM topics
  • Of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% (capped at 500)
  • Of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% (capped at 20k)
  • Must have received 20 likes, and given 30 likes. These likes must be across a minimum number of different users (1/5 the number), across a minimum number of different days (1/4 the number). Likes cannot be from PMs.
  • Must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator)
  • Must not have been suspended or silenced in the last 6 months

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