Registros MX personalizados

hola, no puedo agregar mis registros personalizados, por lo que no puedo enviar ni recibir gmail, ajunto foto

el boton agregar no me esta funcionando para agregar los registros y columna prioridad

Are you using Cloudflare DNS? DNS from your hosting provider?

¿Está utilizando el DNS de Cloudflare? ¿DNS de su proveedor de alojamiento?

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The DNS setup on your domain looks all fine. The domain is using our nameservers and the Google MX records are applied to it successfully.

Please do note that this doesn’t automatically allow you to send and receive with a free Gmail account. You’ll need a paid Google Workspace account to use your own domain name. Or use a third party service to handle email sending and receiving.


If you are looking for free mail, Yandex.mail is an excellent option. I believe there is a community guide on this forum for how to set it up.

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